Voluntary Work

In IPO Lisboa, voluntary work is provided in an organized manner, by duly accredited and certified associations, in the respect of the rights, values, convictions, beliefs and culture of each person. Volunteer work programs alleviate the hospital environment, promoting the well-being of patients, families and professionals.


At IPO Lisboa, the volunteers’ work contributes to humanize the hospital and is critical for the welcome, integration and support provided to patients and their families, during the course of the disease. Learn more about the organizations working with us.

“ACREDITAR” - Association of Parents and Friends of Children with cancer

Acreditar was born to provide various services supporting children with cancer and their families, throughout the diagnosis of the disease, the treatments phase and after discharge.


To play, listen, help with basic care and daily activities; to facilitate the connection among children and their families and other social support and community services; “Acreditar” also help families with meeting their specific needs.


At IPO Lisboa, the volunteers of Acreditar are present in paediatric outpatient and inpatient departments, where they play an essential role.


“Acreditar” also provides accommodation to the children’s families who must leave their area of residence to receive cancer treatments. In Lisbon, Acreditar house is right opposite IPO Lisboa.


The volunteers of Portuguese League Against Cancer (LPCC) play an important role contributing for the humanization of the assistance to patients and family members during the hospitalization, in outpatient department and patients’ home.


The volunteers are present in all the departments of IPO Lisboa, providing information, accompanying and referring the patients to their appointments and treatments; they listen and provide support; they provide light meals, during the morning. In inpatients department they visit the patients; support family members; help with meals and distribute magazines and newspapers.


A LPCC against cancer provide other support services to cancer patients and their families, which can be seen at the respective website.

Music in Hospitals

Twice a week a duo of musicians fills with smooth musical chords the day hospital of Paediatric Department and Bone Marrow Transplant Unit and the rooms of the blood and apheresis donors, in Immunohemotherapy Department.


The musicians of Music in Hospitals association interact with patients, family members and professionals, playing, singing and fascinating, providing moments of tranquillity and well-being, which contribute to alleviate the hospital environment.

”Operação Nariz Vermelho”

Specialists in smiles, Doutores Palhaços spread joy, rekindle the flame of hope and improve day-to-day life of children, family members and health professionals in several hospitals of the country. One of them is IPO Lisboa, where they come twice a week.


At the Institution, Doutores Palhaços are present in Paediatric Department (inpatients, Lions hall and day hospital) and at Bone Marrow Transplant Unit (inpatients, and day hospital) but their joy of living reverberates through the whole hospital.


The clowns of Operação Nariz Vermelho are professional artists, have specialized training and work closely with the health professionals, performing in shows adjusted to each child and situation.