The treatment of a cancer patient should always be decided by a multidisciplinary team, including various medical specialities, such as surgery, medical oncology, radiotherapy, radiology, pathological anatomy, among others, according to the specific nature of the diagnosed cancer.


This is the way we develop our activity in IPO Lisboa, a Reference Centre in the treatment of various types of cancer and is accredited as Clinical Cancer Center by OECI – Organization of European Cancer Institutes, the independent body qualified to certify the quality of oncological hospitals in the European countries.


There are multiple available options for cancer treatment. The therapeutics vary according to the type of tumour; the initial or advanced stage when the cancer is diagnosed; the location; the patient’s age; overall health and the medical history.

Cancer can be treated, using surgical, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, hormonotherapy, immunotherapy, genetical therapeutics and bone marrow transplant methods, among others.

The most used therapeutics are surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and more recently, immunotherapy.