Tobacco-free IPO

It is expressly forbidden to smoke in all buildings and outdoor spaces of IPO Lisboa (Lei n.º 63/2017). This measure applies to the hospital’s employees, patients, family members and visitors and includes traditional cigarettes, electronic ones and the new smokeless tobacco products.


With this decision, IPO intends to promote a tobacco-free environment in the whole perimeter of the Institute, to warn about the health effects of tobacco, to protect the non-smokers from involuntary exposure to tobacco smoke and help people who want to stop smoking.


IPO has a smoking cessation consultation (Pneumology Department), with free access for the professionals and patients of the Institute, blood donors and firefighters who wish to stop smoking.


To support hospitalized patients who smoke and want to stop smoking, IPO Lisboa implemented measures to support smoking cessation and provides nicotine substitutes and/or medicines.


Tobacco smoke is the main risk factor for the development of lung cancer and many other oncological diseases. More than 20 per cent of cancer deaths are attributable to tobacco consumption and, therefore, avoidable.


IPO Lisboa receives and treats people with oncological disease and is also committed to its prevention, which includes tobacco control strategies, such as restrictive measures of the places where smoking is allowed and the support to smoking cessation.


The health professionals have a critical role in the tobacco epidemic control, because the population values their opinion and their advice regarding healthy habits and lifestyles. Therefore, they should avoid smoking, setting the example, and providing all information necessary to all smokers.


The ban on smoking in all areas of IPO Lisboa includes traditional cigarettes, electronic ones and the new smokeless tobacco products, which produce aerosols, fumes, gases or inhalable particles.