Referral Office

Location: Pavilhão Administrativo (Administrative Pavilion), 1st floor
Tel.: 217 200 499
Fax. 217 248 756


To be admitted to a medical appointment or treatment in IPO Lisboa, patients must be referred to the Institute by their family doctor, via a computer application Consulta a Tempo e Horas (CTH) (On-Time appointment), available in health centres.

The referral may also be made to the Referral Office of IPO Lisboa, by an assistant physician of a public, private or social institution, by means of an e-mail, letter or fax.

The admission for appointment or treatment can even be requested directly by the patients, provided they have the clinical information to support the request.

In all situations, the received information is evaluated by the physician in charge with triage and referred to the respective speciality, for revaluation and decision whether the patient should come or not to IPO Lisboa.

Patients’ referral to IPO Lisboa is made, especially, through health centres and hospitals of its area of influence (Lisbon Metropolitan Area, Ribatejo, Alentejo, Algarve and autonomous regions of Azores and Madeira).

However, due to the specialization and differentiation level of the health professionals, available techniques and technologies, patients from any region of the country with more complex medical situations are treated in the Institute.

IPO also guarantees the patients’ free choice and free movement principle, according to the rules in force in the National Health Service and the average waiting times.

In cases when IPO Lisboa does not accept to take charge of the patient, information shall be sent to the physician who referred the patient or the patient him/herself (in case of direct referral), mentioning the rejection decision, the reasons for the rejection and professional contacts for any additional clarifications.

Because it is a very specialized and differentiated hospital, patients’ admission for appointments or treatments in IPO Lisboa is subject to medical referral, with a justification for the appointment’s request; detailed clinical information (including performed treatments, mentioning the doses and dates of the former); copy of reports of examinations or relevant complementary diagnostic means; the user’s information details and his/her contacts.

The requests for a second medical opinion, should detail also the therapeutic plan proposed to the patient and possible specific issues requiring clarification.