To constantly improve clinical and organizational practices; to keep on providing integrated, differentiated, safe and of excellency healthcare in the Oncology field; to promote education and research; to guarantee the respect for the patients and the humane care provision. These are IPO’s goals in the quality area.

We are a reference institution in the oncology field, both nationally as internationally, we encourage the development of a «culture of quality» patient-oriented and based on the team spirit and cooperation among our employees, we are accredited by national and international bodies.

Quality is the result of actions planned and carried out by the employees of this Institution, in a perspective of teamwork and continuous improvement of good practices in oncology.

Quality policy

  • To provide differentiated and quality healthcare, in the oncology field, in a timely manner, efficiently and in a humanized environment;
  •  To intervene in the prevention of the oncological disease; 
  • To optimize the use of the available resources; 
  • To promote scientific research and healthcare research in the oncology field;
  • To become a reference entity in the establishment of standards for oncological healthcare provision;
  • To become the Reference Centre in the implementation of the National Oncological Plan;
  • To integrate the oncology referral network, as the highest differentiation platform;
  • To promote education and training in the oncology field, as a condition for an excellent practice;
  • To promote the intensification of oncological registration activities;
  • To pursue the continuous improvement of quality; 
  • To promote the professional development of our employees through results-based accountability, establishing, simultaneously, a productivity, performance and merit incentives policy; 
  • To develop operational efficiency improvement programs, aiming at guaranteeing the economic and financial balance. 


In each IPO department, the responsibility for the achievement of the quality goals is the responsibility of their respective directors.

Accreditation and certification

The national and international accreditation and certification processes attest the quality of the organizations providing healthcare and promote their continuous improvement, consolidating a culture of quality and safety, reinforcing at the same time the citizens and health professionals’ confidence in the health facilities.
In Oncology, the assessment of the quality and safety is particularly important. Cancer is a serious disease, which affects people’s quality of life and, therefore, healthcare organization and planning in this field are essential.

IPO Lisboa is committed to continuously improve the quality and safety of healthcare provided to its patients, constantly monitoring the different management and clinical indicators and assessing results. IPO is subject to thorough external audits and inspections and is certified and accredited by national and international bodies, in many different fields.

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