IPO Lisboa is a National Health Service corporate public hospital, with legal personality, administrative, financial and assets management autonomy.


IPO is run by a Board of Directors (appointed by joint order of the ministries of Health and Finance) which sets out the guidelines of the Institute in clinical and non-clinical areas, and is responsible for the good management and the technical, human and financial operation, for the quality and efficiency of the care provided in the institution.


In addition to the Board of Directors, the other governing bodies of IPO Lisboa are the Audit Committee, which is responsible for the control of the legality and the good financial and assets management of the Institute, and the Advisory Body, an advisory, support and participation body in the definition of the strategic plan and the general operation lines.

IPO Lisboa has also an internal audit service, which has to assess the internal control and risk management processes in the accounting, financial, operational, information technology and human resources fields, contributing for their continuous improvement.

Dr. João Oliveira


Chairman of the Board of Directors of IPO Lisboa since November 2018 he developed his entire professional career at the Institute, where he was a member of the Board of Directors and clinical director since 2012, a job he had already performed between 2001 and 2005. With a degree in Medicine, he has the course of Health Units Upper Level Management, is a specialist in Clinical Haematology and Medical Oncology, was a medical intern of clinical haematology in Lisbon civilian hospitals and an internal doctor at “Institut Gustave Roussy”, the main oncology centre in France. He worked in “Hospital da CUF” and joined IPO Lisboa in 1991, where he held various positions in clinical and research areas and was the director of Medical Oncology Department. He took part in several scientific committees and research offices and is a member of various national and European organizations of assessment and research in the clinical and the medicinal product area, including INFARMED and European Medicine Agency.

Dra. Sandra Gomes Gaspar


She is an Executive Board Member of IPO since 2012. With a degree in Company’s Organization and Management, she graduated in Hospital Administration with a post-graduation in Health Management she was a hospital administrator in Central Lisbon Hospital Centre, in Egas Moniz Hospital and Regional Health Administration of Lisbon and Tagus Valley, among other bodies in the health sector and public administration. She started her career as a nurse at Santo António dos Capuchos and Curry Cabral hospitals, in Lisbon, and was Advisor of the office of the Secretary of State for Health, twice. She is a member of the Official Account Auditors Association and cooperates in the Promotion Program for Senior Army Officer, Health Services module.

Enfª. Maria Paula Branco


With a nursing degree, she specialized in Infant and Paediatric Health and was head nurse of the Paediatric Department between 2013 and 2018. She developed all her nursing career at IPO Lisboa, starting in 1987 and where she performed various jobs, in different departments (in addition to paediatrics, general surgery, gynaecology, urology, plastic surgery, pneumology departments and intensive care unit). She also took part in the Nursing Education and Research Office of IPO, served in technical committees and participated in multiple training groups within the scope of health and education.

Dr. Júlio Pedro


He is an Executive Board Member of IPO since 2018. With a degree in Human Resources Management, he specialised in Hospital Administration. He was a member of the Board of Directors of Northern Lisbon Hospital Centre, the director council of National Medical Emergency Institute and the Board of Directors of Litoral Alentejano Hospital. He held the position of hospital administrator in São José and Egas Moniz hospitals, in Lisbon. He started his career as a nurse in Santo António dos Capuchos Hospital. He is an invited examiner of juries of National School of Public Health and teaches in post-graduation of the Health Services of “Universidade Lusíada”. He participates in work groups, namely cooperating with the Reassessment Committee of Emergency National Network.

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