Human Resources

Director: Dr. Paula Monteiro
Location: Administrative Pavilion – floor 2
Telephone: 217229838


IPO Lisboa has a very complex employment structure, comprising about two thousand workers, among doctors, nurses, researchers, hospital administrators, officers, senior diagnostic and therapeutic technicians, senior health and general scheme technicians, technical assistants and operational assistants who carry out different tasks in units providing healthcare and administrative departments.

These professionals are integrated in different careers, each one of them with its own rules, and they all are essential to fulfil the mission of the institution.

Recognising people’s importance, as a determining factor for the success of this institution, we have a human resources policy based on capturing, welcoming and retaining the best professionals, promoting and differentiating merit-based performances, in order to optimize and motivate the employees who give, every day, the best of themselves to serve the users of this Institute.



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