IPO Lisboa has 283 beds, located in Central Pavilion, Medicine Pavilion and Nuclear Medicine Department. The inpatient setting depends mainly on the treatment they will undergo (surgical, medical, radiation, bone marrow transplant) and the care they need.

The inpatient facilities have wards with two, three or four beds and a bathroom per ward. There are also some single rooms.

The patients admitted in the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit and Nuclear Medicine Department are always admitted, in isolation, in single rooms.

IPO Lisboa informs patients in advance – in person (in appointments), by letter or phone – about the day and time they should show up to be hospitalized.

On that day, the patients must show up at the scheduled time and follow all instructions previously provided by the doctor, nurse and secretariat, which will deal with all the formalities required for the hospitalization and, later the discharge. To feel more comfortable, patients may be accompanied by a family member or close friend.

During hospitalization, a nurse will welcome the patients, confirming their personal, health and medication details; identifying possible special needs; explaining the patient’s pathway; informing about the available services (ATM, wireless and the hospital rules and routines.

During hospitalization, patients are assisted by physicians, nurses, dieticians, social workers, technical assistants, operational assistants and other specialist health professionals. The treatments, techniques and care they need will be guaranteed for the duration of their illness.

In addition to the assistant physician and the teams, which usually provide treatment and care during the hospitalization, the patients may have to be observed by physicians and health professionals of other specialities.

During this period, clinical information is provided personally to the patients by their respective assistant physicians. Patients should also name a relative or close friend, as a reference attendant and his/her preferred contact, as healthcare provider or even as his/her legal representative. This is the person the services will get in touch with, in case of need.

Each inpatient facility has a medical director and a head nurse, in charge with the management, organization, quality and good operation of the departments.

In addition to the nurses always present, the in-patient facilities ensure medical care by professionals on a permanent and prevention basis, who are available to solve any acute or emergency situations which may occur with the patients outside the departments’ normal operating hours.

Groups of certified volunteers cooperate in IPO Lisboa such as Liga Portuguesa Contra o Cancro (Portuguese League Against Cancer), Acreditar, Operação Nariz Vermelho and Música nos Hospitais (Music in Hospitals) -, which help the patients in different tasks, making services more humane and provide moments of serenity, good mood and joy, which are essential for everyone.

For the patients and their families’ comfort, especially during hospitalization there is, if wanted, religious support by catholic chaplain (required by law) and articulation with other communities to support members of other religions.