Donate blood

To donate blood is a simple, solidarity and painless gesture. And to donate blood in IPO is very gratifying. We treat adult, young people and children with cancer, who need transfusions due to their disease or treatment (surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, bone marrow transplant).


At IPO, you can donate whole blood, platelets, plasma or red blood cells. When you donate you can also be registered as a bone marrow donor.


As there is no substitute for human blood, our availability relies exclusively on the generosity of voluntary donors.
Donors may make their donation at IPO at any time during the working period of the department. As for group donations – friends or co-workers – we recommend they are previously scheduled (see contacts). We have designated and free parking areas for the donors.


Join IPO, we need you to treat our patients every day of the year. Thank you!

Be a blood donor